Buy Pre-Rolls in Lakewood & Englewood, CO

There are so many ways to elevate your cannabis experience. Flower, concentrates, edibles, the choices are almost endless. When you are leading an active lifestyle and don’t want to spend too much time in the scenic state of Colorado, pre-rolls are rolling up to you. Pre-rolls are a quick and discrete way to enjoy your favorite strain with your hiking buddies or at that amazing concert you waited months to go to.

If you are in Lakewood or Englewood, Colorado, and want to buy some pre-rolls, Good Meds’ friendly budtenders will tell you everything you need to know. Get ready to rock ‘n preroll (sorry, not sorry).

We will break down:

    • What pre-rolls are and why you would choose them over another form of cannabis.
    • What the best Good Meds pre-rolls are and how much they are.

What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls, either in joints or blunts, usually have a half-gram to a gram’s worth of bud ground and rolled into a rolling paper by a machine or by hand. They come in sativa, indica, or hybrid and are even available infused with kief or oil. Every dispensary sells pre-rolls because they are among the most popular ways to have your bud and affordable. People love pre-rolls for a few reasons.

First, they are easy to travel with as most pre-rolls are about the size of your finger. They are easy to put in a pocket, fanny pack, or wherever else you need. Typically pre-rolls come in a tube, so if you don’t smoke the whole roll, you can save it for later too.

Secondly, it takes all the hassle to bring a bowl or dab rig, a lighter, and any other equipment you need. A pre-roll is always ready to smoke. Light up and puff, puff, pass.

Third, pre-rolls are great for your budget. Many dispensaries have “house” pre-rolls that are cheap and high quality. They can range anywhere from a traditional joint at 5-15 dollars to kief- or oil-infused joints for up to 25-30 dollars. Some high-quality joints or blunts can even be more if they have top-shelf flower or extra THC boosts. Either way, they are simple to buy and affordable for anyone’s budget.

One drawback of pre-rolls is the uncertainty of the quality of the flower inside. There are always rumors of dispensaries using shake or low-end flower to fill their pre-rolls as a money grab. While that could be the case, dispensaries won’t usually gamble their reputation to move products. Pre-rolls are a wonderful solution for an afternoon stroll or painting session. If you are unsure, you can roll your own using flower and your choice of paper and filter.

What Pre-Rolls Do Good Meds Carry?

Good Meds prides itself on a variety of high-quality pre-rolls for whatever mood you feel. Sativa, indica, or hybrid, we carry them.

Sativa Pre-Rolls

Kaviar Green Skunk Infused Pre-Roll

Get creative and heady with Kaviar’s 1.5g kief and oil-infused pre-roll. Luxurious and hard-hitting at 30-40% THC and a glass tip, this is the best for sativa lovers. $26

Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Natty Rem’s Dolato

A staff pick by us at Good Meds, Natty Rem’s has a decadent Dolato with high THC and will leave you feeling happy. $8.50

Natty Rem’s Cherry Diesel

This pre-roll has gas but will help you hit the brakes after a long day. Calming and pleasing simultaneously, this fruity twist on Sour Diesel is a great pre-roll to share with your friends. $8.50

Indica Pre-Rolls

Kaviar London Mints Infused Pre-Roll

Fly across the International Date Line to London all from the comfort of your couch with the hash-oil infused 1.5g joint by Kaviar. Classic, bold, and relaxing at 37% THC. $26

Natty Rem’s OG Brulee Pre-Roll

Who said you couldn’t have dessert? Satisfy your sweet cravings with the OG Brulee 1g joint by Natty Rem’s. Give in to your temptations and possibly a good night’s rest. You deserve it. $8.50.

Online Ordering Now Available with Good Meds

We are so excited that you are familiar with pre-rolls and excited to take the plunge. If you are in the Lakewood or Englewood area of Colorado, take advantage of our online ordering and in-store pickup. Don’t be afraid to say hi and pick up the right pre-roll to get your day rolling. Our website has all the information available to help you select. Thank you for contributing to cannabis culture in Colorado!

Image Source: MWesselPhoto / Shutterstock