Cannabis Flower in Lakewood & Englewood, CO

If you hear the terms weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis flower, or buds, the speaker is likely talking about the most often used part of the cannabis or hemp plant: the flower. It’s a common misconception among newcomers to cannabis use in Colorado that you’re supposed to smoke only the plant’s leaves. This misunderstanding makes sense because we use other plant leaves for various purposes, including teas, herbs, spices, and more. 

The cannabis plant is special because its flower has a high concentration of cannabinoids that can be used for several purposes. Many recreational users and medical patients alike turn to these buds for their purported pain relief properties, their uses in treating sleep conditions, and the overall feeling of relaxation that their THC can bring to a person’s mind and body. Read on to learn more about cannabis flower and their uses from Good Meds Dispensary.

Identifying Parts of the Cannabis Plant 

Cannabis leaves can be smoked — but these are not the best parts of the plant for consumption, even though they may look pretty. Most users consider the leaves to be of lower quality than the flower or buds. This diagram of the cannabis plant will give you a nice overview of which part you are consuming.

The term “trichrome” is often used to denote the hairy or fluffy growths on the hemp flower that function to protect the plant from outside attacks, extreme weather, and other factors that may damage it. These trichomes’ sticky glands produce extra cannabinoids, terpenes, and other great chemical compounds that work on the body and brain to activate the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids include THC, CBD, and others that are not as well known but still may produce effects in the human body.

How Cannabis Flower Works

The endocannabinoid system exists in everyone’s physiology, whether they partake in cannabis consumption or not. It helps to regulate a person’s sleep, fertility, mood, and pain sensitivity. When you smoke or ingest cannabis flower, the cannabinoids work with this system to activate your body’s natural response that may help regulate some of these functions. There’s a lot we still don’t know about how cannabis works in the human body, but many researchers and governmental bodies are keen to investigate it. Some medications, including those containing CBD, have been approved by the FDA to treat conditions like seizures associated with rare diseases.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Flower Products?

Smoking hemp flower is an age-old activity that existed in Colorado long before we isolated the THC and CBD cannabinoid compounds. CBD-rich flower is simply hemp flower that contains a large amount of CBD. They will still contain a bit of THC, unlike CBD isolate products that only contain CBD — but for consumers looking for a smokable form of CBD, this flower may be worth a try.

Uses of Cannabis Flower

If you possess cannabis flower and have no idea how to use them, consider how much work you want to put into this activity. If you’re new to the marijuana community or you’re using your flower purely for medicinal purposes, you probably don’t want to take the time at this point to learn how to create your own edibles or buy accessories like a homemade rosin press to distill your very own concentrates. Below are three popular — and easy — ways to smoke cannabis flower.

  • Joints: You’ve almost certainly heard of, seen, or even smoked a marijuana joint before. It’s quite easy to manufacture joints at home. All you need are a few common accessories, including a cannabis grinder for your flower, a thin piece of paper that you can use as a wrap, and a filter that prevents you from burning your fingers as you smoke. Blunts and spliffs are other smokable products that look like joints, but they may include tobacco as well as cannabis flower. If you’re not sure what you’re about to smoke, make sure to ask whoever rolled it before you take a puff.
  • Pipes: Did you know you can smoke cannabis with a pipe? These pipes look different than what your grandpa uses for his tobacco, though. Dry pipes and water pipes are both good options for those who want a portable option for smoking that doesn’t involve rolling. Water pipes tend to filter the smoke slightly better, and they provide the benefit of cooling it down a bit as well.
  • Bongs: These are basically large water pipes. The water filters the smoke and cools it down. Some people swear that bongs produce “smoother” hits of the flower when compared to joints or pipes. Bongs are the least portable options listed here due to their size.

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