How to Become a Medical Patient


To apply for a medical marijuana card you must be:

  • A Colorado resident with a valid social security number
  • Receiving treatment for a qualifying medical condition
  • Examined by a doctor with whom you have a bona fide physician-patient relationship


Applications submitted online with all correct information are approved in 1-3 business days. Applications take longer to process if they are submitted with incorrect information or expired documents. Applications must be submitted by the patient or the patient's legal representative. The issue and expiration dates on your card will be based on the day your application was approved.

Fee increase effective May 15, 2018

The application processing fee is now $25 pursuant to adopted changes to 5 CCR 1006-2.

  • When you pay by credit card or electronic check online you are charged a small transaction fee, which is a percentage of the application processing fee. With the transaction fee, the total cost to apply online will be $26.33.


Follow these steps to register or renew your Colorado Medical Marijuana Card:


  1. Check eligibility
See the full list of qualifying conditions at
    1. Review tips to submit a successful application
      • Make sure you have all the necessary documents for the application process, and that they are current.
      • Choose a username and password that are easy to remember.
      • During your appointment, ask your doctor to verify that all information on your physician certification is correct.
    1. Visit your physician
      • Physician must be in good standing and licensed to practice in Colorado. Contact Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for information about physician licenses.
      • Physician must be an MD or a DO.
      • Physician is registered to submit certifications online.
    1. Watch Instructional Video
    1. Gather required documentation
      • A valid Colorado ID or driver's license. If you are applying online, make sure to have a JPEG or PDF copy of your valid Colorado driver’s license or ID. You will upload this to your registration.
      • Caregiver’s registration ID if you are applying with a caregiver.
      • Credit card or bank account and routing number to pay your application processing fee.
    1. Create an account  


    1. Log into your account
    2. Enter patient information
      • If you do not see your name, click “new” to enter your patient information. Your application will be processed as a renewal if you have applied by mail in the past. 
      • If you see your name, click on it to start the renewal process.

    1. Add physician cerfiticate
      • Click the “Physician certification” tab
      • Click “new”
      • Choose your physician certification from the drop-down menu
      • Click “save”

    1. Enter cultivation information
      • Click the “Cultivation information” tab
      • Click “new”
      • Select your cultivation option and complete required fields
      • Click “save”

    You will be able to change your cultivation option once your card is active.

    1. Pay
      • Use a credit card, a debit card or electronic check.


    1. Check your e-mail
      • You will receive a message telling you to log into your account.
    1. Log into your account
      • Click the “Notifications” tab to read mesages.
    1. Print or display your card
      • Click the “print card” button to print your card or display it from a mobile device after you have been approved. If you applied online you will not receive a card in the mail.

    Display your card on an Apple device

    Apply by mail

    • Reserved for applicants who do not have access to any internet resources
    • 6-8 weeks to process
    • Applicants who apply by mail will be mailed a card, and will not have access to their online account.

    Patient customer support