“Best dispensary in Colorado! Very knowledgeable employees with great products!”
— Mayne S.
“Great selection of concentrates and I like the jar sizes! Mattie and Ben were super nice and helpful and showed me a great selection. Thank you.”
— Armin
“Excellent products and great staff! I’ve only been a member for a couple of months but the quality always seems to be on point. I recently picked up an ounce that was a couple of grams short and manager Mattie was quick to help with a small discount on my next order. Greatly appreciated as most places would just say sorry. Brian and Travis are awesome as well! Always knowledgeable and helpful. High-ly recommended!!”
— Michael P.

“every time i go to a dispensary rec or med, thats isnt this one, i come home disappointed, and wish i went to this one. not even a joke. There lowest shelf, tops some other places highest and their prices are more then reasonable for the quality. Never dissapointed and im assuming thats because the people running it know what theyre doing, which reminds me, the staff is awesome!”

— Shadow S.

“Excellent product and selection. Good benefits for members. GM Heather is great. All of the budtenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. Shout out to Zina and Mattie, who helped me today. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else”

— Pat

“Every time I come in the bud tender already has my order waiting for me and greets me by name. Every single one of the employees here really care about you and their manager during the day is a sweetheart. She always asks about me and anything that I’ve talked to her about, she is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to educate anyone who steps in the door. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else for my medical needs, I really appreciate the kindness and personality, along with excellent products!”

— Lyndsi

“The product quality is awesome and the bud tenders are always amazing I’ve never had a bad experience! Also so grateful for the employee(s) who watch patients get back to their car safely at night, girl to girl I appreciate that endlessly!!”

— Marena

“I absolutely LOVE this dispensary!! They always have the best deals on hash and flower!! The staff is super chill and always hook it up! I used to live right up the street which was very convenient but recently moved but still drive 25 min to go there every time I need to re-up. They have a great live resin selection and make a lot of their stuff in house.. the solvent less is a little steep but worth every penny. They also stock a wide variety of tasty carts and are one of the few places I’ve actually found full gram carts of live resin.. and for 50$!! This place is without a doubt my favorite dispensary in Denver and will continue to shop here for as long as I can! Member pricing is always a steal and hard to beat and I’ve accumulated a decent amount of reward points that I’m waiting for the right time to spend. But overall would recommend everyday of the week.

$389.90 (out the door) member-price for the ounce of live resin. 🤙🏼
(458.70 non-member otd price)”

— Nathaniel D.

“This place has the best live resin out there consistently! I can’t get enough, I also love there rewards system as well it’s quite great service”

— Riley M.

“Hello! I received the best service today from I believe his name was Chris. I love this place. Always has the best products. I definitely highly recommend it. Staff handled it incredibly well today worth the 10 minute wait”

— Pat R.

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