Logo-faviconAbout Good Meds — Your Favorite Cannabis Dispensary in Colorado

Located in the scenic state of Colorado, Good Meds dispensaries in Denver and Lakewood are a trusted source of high-quality cannabis for a diverse range of consumers. Our Colorado medical dispensaries are dedicated to providing the ultimate in service, patient education, and premium products, ensuring that all registered CO cannabis patients have fair access to affordable cannabis.

Our Story

Inspired by the incredible potential of medical cannabis, the founders of Good Meds wanted to create a space where consumers could browse the best cannabis strains and products, all while benefiting from the guidance of highly-trained and compassionate staff. Even though the number of Lakewood and Denver dispensaries has been rapidly growing in recent years, our team recognized a need for a provider that could deliver exceptional quality and affordability.

From day one, we’ve remained committed to our mission to raise the bar for dispensaries everywhere. Our cannabis featured strains with carefully-curated genetics, cultivated using only the highest standards of quality and created with the purpose of serving a full spectrum of needs and preferences. We believe that there are no shortcuts to quality, which is why we’ve put great care into going above and beyond at every possible opportunity.

Our Team

From the moment you walk through the doors of a Good Meds dispensary, you’ll feel welcomed and supported. Every member of our staff has an authentic passion for their role in the flourishing cannabis industry, and that enthusiasm shows in their day-to-day interactions with our customers.

Our Dispensaries

Good Meds dispensaries in Lakewood and Denver proudly serve the Colorado cannabis community, making it easy to find the medical marijuana strains and products to elevate your sense of wellbeing. We’ve assembled an outstanding selection of cannabis products for sale, including:

  • Flower
  • Concentrates
  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Accessories
  • CBD-only products

As you browse our dispensary menus, you’ll notice that they are composed of leading brands and top-rated products at every price point. Whether you are a seasoned consumer hoping to treat yourself to something special, or a new patient simply searching for the right strain for you, Good Meds has options to suit you.

Seed-to-Sale Superiority

Few dispensaries can say that they are as hands-on as Good Meds: we are involved at every stage of the cultivation, harvest, and production processes, so you can be completely confident that you are investing in cannabis that will exceed your expectations.

With a deep understanding of the science of cannabis, as well as the unique needs and wants of consumers, Good Meds is well-equipped to provide medical marijuana that can suit virtually any patient. We know that cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all experience, so we’ve invested extensive time and energy into producing products that can give our customers a multitude of options.

Partnering with Colorado Cannabis Companies

Are you interested in trying products from local CO cannabis brands? Good Meds has sought out the state’s best and brightest marijuana makers, stocking our shelves with the amazing products coming from local creators. It’s easy to shop small and local when you’re a patient at the Good Meds dispensaries.

Become a Part of the Good Meds Family

Join us in our mission to support the Colorado cannabis industry and expand access to affordable cannabis of the highest quality. Visit the Good Meds dispensary near you to start shopping today.